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  Sai Satcharitham
Sri Govindh Rao Raghunath Dabolker
alias Hemanth Panth wrote the holy book “Sri Sai Sathcharitha” about Sri Saibaba in Marathi language. The significance of Sri Sai Baba in one’s life is like an ocean of wisdom and guidance. Anyone can dive deep into the perennial depth to fetch the pearls of wisdom of Sri Sai Baba. The life and teachings of Sri Sai Baba is full of miracles which can bring solace and serenity in one’s life. Mental peace and bliss are the results for one who follows Sai’s teachings. Sai Katha Sravan guides one to the path of Self Realisation.
So Sri. Hemanth Panth compliled the teachings and sayings of Sai Baba. He desired for His blessings to complete this work. When he expressed his wish to Baba, He felt happy and blessed on his head with Udhi giving permission to proceed.

Baba then said “Let him (Hemanth Panth) collect my life stories and experiences. Let him make the script and I shall help him. He will work as my tool. I shall write through him for My devotees'’. He shall forgo his egoistic intellect and so shall he surrender to My feet. When he does this I shall help him to the core. He shall thus discuss Gyan , Bhakti, Vairagya, Atma Nivedan and Iswara Sakshatkar in the precious book of ‘Sai Satcharitham’.

This book is recited as in a ‘Sapthaham’. One who recites and hears this Sai Satcharitham will be released from all sorrows and tribulations and shall attain peace and happiness in life. The book was translated into English by Sri. Nagesh V Gunaji to enable the non Marathi devotees to recite.

Sri P C Ramachandra Menon translated the English version to Malayalam for the first time and he authorized and issued the copyright to Sri Sai Baba Mission Kallai Road Kozhikode-2

Hemanth Panth   Nagesh V Gunaji   P C Ramachandra Menon
Author   English Translator   Malayalam Translator
  Sri Sai Baba Mission
Kallai Road, Calicut-673002
Kerala, India
Phone: +91 495 2303304
email : saibabamission@gmail.com

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