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Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mission is situated 50 meters away from Kallai Road on NH 47 and 300 meters from Kozhikode railway station. The location of the Mandir facilitates the devotees an easy access to the mission premises. About seventy decades ago, Sri. Saidas M Kannan, retiring from military service in 1947 happened to find a photograph of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, which was being worshipped at his residence in Edavalakkad Paramba. As the first devotee of Shirdi Saibaba at Calicut, he held poojas on all Thursdays at the very same house, where his family was residing. At the beginning, only few people took part in the poojas and aarthis, since they were not aware of Shirdi Sai Baba. On recognizing the auspicious glory and spiritual fame, more devotees started gathering, and Thursdays were held an important day for Baba’s worship.

  Then the venue had been shifted to the house of Late. Sri Allachiparambath Rarichan, whose daughter permitted the devotees to put up a small temporary Sai Mandir. Subsequently Sri.V V Vasudevan, A R Sridharan, A R Madhavan, P T Kunhiraman, Mullath Kumaran, Kummath Krishnan and Gopalan were elected as committee members. The committee looked after Annandhanam on Navarathri and other auspicious days, in addition to the daily requirements of the Mandir such as lighting the bhadradeepam, offering poojas, garlands and flowers on the Baba’s portrait.

Initially it was Sri .Kunhikkal Narayanan, who donated 2 cents of land for a dwelling for the mission. By the ardent efforts Dr. P S Menon (Homeopathy) from Beypore and Sri. Seth Ramchandra Kushiram, a merchant of Calicut, were the persons who provided the facilities and guidance to construct Baba’s Mandir. A committee was later formed as Sri.Kushiram, the President and Dr. P S Menon, the Secretary for

Homeopathic treatment for the patients approaching the Mandir as Sai seva. On the demise of Dr.P S Menon, Dr. M Ananthan was elected as the secretary of the Mission. Dr. Ananthan used to visit occassionally to the Sai Mandir's at Shirdi, Chennai and met many eminent persons who had accurate information and experiences of the life and teachings of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. Moreover, he gathered available literatures to inform and educate the masses through regular lectures in our Calicut Mission. He also made liaison with the All India Sai Samajam for the dissemination of available accurate information. He authored two books in Malayalam, named as ‘Saivani’and the other 'Saibaba Jeeva Charithravum Adhubhudha Siddhikalum’ . The books have been recently published coinciding the centenary celebration of Mahasamadhi of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. These books are now available for sale.
Later, six centsof land was purchased by the Mission with the financial aid of Smt.T K Meenakshi Amma and their children from Chalappuram, Narakassery family, who were residing at Beypore then, and Sri. Seth Sri Ramachandra and children. With the liberal assistance of devotees, a building was constructed in the year 1970. Five years later, in 1975, Sri. Saidas M Kannan was elected as the president of the committee and the mission was registered under the Societies Act No .49/1945 as Sri Sai Baba Mission Kallai Road. In 1980, Sri. R N Saboo, then Mananging Director of Gwalior Rayons factory at Mavoor, Calicut donated a white marble idol of Shirdi Sai Baba. The idol was consecrated and installed by Sri.Paderi Sakran Namboothiri on 27th of February 1980. Until then poojas were performed at the portrait of Shirdi Sai Baba which was drawn by Sri. Saidalavi, from Postal department, a devotee of Shirdi Sai. Another devotee Sri.P M Kasim composed Sai Bhajans which were sung on every Thursdays. Subsequently,due to the onrush of devotees who  
  had to throng in the available space, the adjacent land areas were also purchased stage by stage. Presently, the Mission building is situated in a 25 cents of land. The Bhoomi pooja was conducted by Pandit Manohar Das, main Poojari of Sri Saibaba Sansthan at Shirdi on 04th of December 2000. The foundation stone for the present building was laid by Swami Chidananda Puri of Kolathur Asram on 25th January 2002. The ‘Punaprathishta’ (reinstallation), of the Baba's idol was held on 12th of July 2006.
By 2012, the entire construction of the new building was completed after demolishing the old structure. The present building has three floors. The ground floor is used for Annadhanam. The Sanctum Sanctorum and Office complex are situated on the second floor. The third floor is available for Executive Committee meetings, conferences, preparation for pooja's and Sai exhibitions during Navratri and Mahasamadhi Day. Annadhanam is now regularly conducted on all the 365 days from 2009 onwards for
approximately 500 persons daily. Devotees offer donations for Annadhanam which are being booked ahead of each month. The serving of this food has been the sole reason for the growth of the Sai Baba Mission in Calicut. Free medical aid, mainly medical check-ups by volunteer doctors and free medicines for more than 100 patientsare provided on every Saturdays.
  Sri Sai Baba Mission
Kallai Road, Calicut-673002
Kerala, India
Phone: +91 495 2303304
email : saibabamission@gmail.com

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