Maha Samadhi : 15th October 1918 was the day when SriShirdi Sai Baba attained Maha Samadhi. This was an Ekadhashi Day - the very next day of Vijayadashmi. At our Mission, on completion of Navarathri festivities Sri Shirdi Sai Baba's procession is taken in the city before culminating the functions. The Sai Baba Mission conducts bhajans, lectures, Sai Satcharitha recitation and different cultural activities during this festive season.


Sri Rama Navami : Sri Rama Navami is one of the important celebration at Shirdi. It was decided by one of Baba’s devotee Gopal Rao Gunda who got a boy child with the blessing of Sai Baba. To celebrate Uroos function as a respect for Baba, two big flags decorated with paintings were taken in a processions through the village and finally installed at both entrance of Dwarakamayi Mosque of Sri Sai Baba. This was first done in the year 1897 with the consent of Sri Sai Baba and the day for this celebration was held on Ramanawami. Thus Muslims celebrate Uroos and Hindus Ramnavami on the same day, which was very unique to restore religious amity. Hence, we here in Sai Baba Mission, also celebrate this auspicious day with religious fervour and enthusiasm with Poojas and Bhajans to commemorate the occassion. Various bhajans and poojas are hel to commemorate this occassion.


Guru Poornima : In spiritual sadhana the place of Guru or Teacher is most venerable and highest. The Guru guides the Seeker to get rid of his ignorance. An aspirant has to get himself pure from all impurities and ignorance from his body, mind and intellect before seeking self knowledge and wisdom. The teacher who helps guides the seeker is called Guru. Sai is Samarth Sadguru and we celebrate the Guru Poornima Day auspiciously to get sanctified ourselfs.


Temple Timings of Sai Baba Mission Calicut
 Temple Timings : Friday - Wednesday    Temple Timings : Thursday
 Temple Opening  05.00 am    Temple Opening  05.00 am
 Temple Closing  08.00 pm    Temple Closing  09.00 pm
 Pooja Timings     Pooja Timings
 Usha Pooja  05.30 am    Usha Pooja  05.30 am
 Arathi  08.30 am    Arathi  08.30 am
 Madhyana Pooja / Prasad Ootu  12.30 pm    Madhyana Pooja / Prasad Ootu  12.30 pm
 Annadhanam  12.40 pm    Annadhanam  12.40 pm
 Sandhya Deeparadhana  07.00 pm    Bajans  06.30 pm
   Sandhya Deeparadhana / Arathi  07.30 pm
   Bajans  07.40 pm
   Mangalaarathi  09.00 pm
Details of Pooja offering & its cost - 2017
 Name of the Pooja  Amout (Rs)     Name of the Pooja  Amout (Rs) 
 Annadhanam 4000.00      Annadhanam with Payasam 4500.00  
 Annadhanam (coupon per person) 10.00      Alangaram 400.00  
 Archana 5.00      Ariyilezuthu 20.00  
 Ashtadravya Ganapathy Homam 250.00      Chorunu 50.00  
 Deepam Theliyikal 200.00      Ganapathy Homam 61.00  
 Ganapathy Pooja 10.00     Guru Pooja 50.00  
 Kettunira 10.00     Mahabhishekam (book 2 days in advance) 800.00  
 Mullamala 50.00      Neyvilaku 10.00  
 Oil 10.00      Paatha Pooja 50.00  
 Palpayasa Nivedyam 70.00      Payasadhanam 750.00  
 Sai Gayathriarchana 10.00      Sainamarchana 15.00  
 Vahana Pooja 100.00      Vivaham (varan & vadhu each) 250.00  
 Panjamitha Nivedyam 51.00        
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